Digital Books

We publish quarterly digital books that inspire and increase a sense of positivity and optimism.

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Branded Merchandise

T-shirts, mugs, postcards and more. Branded merchandise is there to support our mission to spread optimism. Drinking a cup of positivity, wearing a statement of hope, or even sending out notes of appreciation, we got you covered.

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Marketing Services

We focus on marketing in emerging cultures. South Asia, North Africa and parts of the Middle East are some of the locations we can help your brand increase its reach and make a huge impact.

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Since 1993


"Inspiring Beauty" is one of our exclusive video production offerings. It celebrates the beauty in everyone. Starring our very own fashion blogger, Mila, the series presents the newest trends in styling and make-overs.

Our series offers multiple chances for co-branding and sponsorships that bring your brands closer to their target audience. Brands such as Huda Beauty, Guerlain Cosmetics, Bare Minerals, Sephora and more have made it to over 3 million core target individuals around the globe, and the numbers continue to grow.

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