The Launch / Dom's Vision

Dom is the founder and leader of Our Great Future - OGF.  As such, Dom creates and curates our content, he formulates our strategy, he leads our marketing team, and he represents our brand to the global public.

It is his vision and message that animate OGF—a vision and message honed by two decades of engaging with the world.

Dom’s mission in life: to promote goodness, bring people together, and expand opportunities for all.

An eternal optimist, Dom created OGF because he loves everyone and believes passionately in human potential and our innate goodness.

Setting Sail / OGF Takes Off

At OGF, Dom draws upon his extensive international experience as a multimedia content creator and inspirational communicator.    He is expert on data analysis, cross-referencing OGF’s content with our engagement strategies.

Since our founding in 2015, 100 percent of the funds to create, develop, and promote OGF have come from Dom.  He is the sole financial investor in OGF.

From the heart of Copenhagen to the Morocco Mall in Casablanca to Stratosphere in Las Vegas, one sees Dom constantly in the field creating compelling content for our audience. His photos have earned tens of millions of likes worldwide.

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