Helping Our Community

At OGF, we believe our online community is our family. We inspired optimism, our fans trust our posts, and we do our best to effectively support them emotionally, spiritually, and actively.

Supporting NGOs

Part of our mission is to also support international NGOs that cater for a variety of sectors from cancer to homelessness. We believe in our message and believe that together we can make a great future.

Special Projects

We strive to be activists of goodness. Our team is working diligently to identify yearly projects that we, and our supporting brands, will execute to make better environments, healthier spaces and other types of projects with immense positive imapct.


Donations to Breast Friends of Charlotte

We started the year supporting women in their battle against breast cancer. No donation is too small, so join us and help support your local breast cancer foundations.

Wishing everyone good health and wonderful wellbeing.

Helping people in the Philippines

During a scheduled visit, OGF took to the streets and did random acts of kindness that put a smile on many faces and pumped hope in the hearts of many young ones.


Join our mission...

Are you a foundation? Are you an individual who has a project that we can support? Or, are you looking to donate and support your local communities?