Do you take photos with your phone?  Yes?  So do we.  Do you love photography!  Yes?  So do we.  We take photos of almost everything, everywhere.

The advent of camera phones opened up an explosion in photography and video throughout the world.  And social media gave us a ready outlet to post and share our content.

The confluence of these two factors—camera phones and social media—created an insatiable demand for content.  InfoTrends estimates we will take 1.2 trillion digital photos in 2017.

Seldom has an innovation given more people, in more places, more creative opportunities.

Camera phones have unlocked incredible potential.  Anyone, anywhere, can take good photos.  Anyone, anywhere, can document natural beauty.  Anyone, anywhere, can document Life in all its infinite and wonderful varieties.

The result: An explosion of creativity.

Of course, we can already hear the cynics.  Okay, okay.  Maybe all the photos add up to “virtual clutter” in some cases.  And maybe some of us can be a little self-absorbed.

But all in all, this upsurge in photography is a good thing.  A really good thing.  We document anything and everything.

Indeed, we document our lives—and Life itself—better than any other generation in human history.

What’s more, we take photos and develop our talents in ways that weren’t possible a generation ago.  Our photos add to the richness of human life.  They nourish the soul in many cases.

Life is richer, fuller, and better because of our digital photos.

These developments lead to exciting questions!  What will be the next innovation that similarly unlocks human potential?  What will be the next innovation that allows us to live more richly?

Indeed, our digital photos are more than just photos.  They represent progress.  They represent potential.  And they represent possibilities.

Keep snapping photos!  We’re creating untold beauty and opportunities for all!