Shall I stay or shall I go?  This is the question for people in relationships that don’t seem to be going anywhere.

We’re talking about okay relationships, not bad or destructive ones.  Relationships where things just kind of proceed, but there is no real spark, no real excitement.

And you wonder if this relationship has any real future—is it worth saving?  Is there someone else out there who will make me happier?

But you’re not sure you want to leave the relationship, because it is part of your routine.  It is comfortable.  Yet you fear you might be wasting time.

We know a lady who was in a committed long-term relationship for five years.  One day she went to her father and asked him, “How did you know with Mom that it was right?”

He responded: “You just know, and it doesn’t take five years.”

One week later, she broke up with her man.  Later, she found the Love of Her Life.  Today they are happily married.

Her story reminds us that sometimes we have to take big steps to grow and develop as people.

Of course, it is normal and natural to wonder if something is right.

And to some extent, in a relationship, we have to make a leap of faith.  At some point, we need to follow our intuition.

How do you feel in your relationship?  Does it feel right?  If it feels right, it probably is right for you.

If things have gone a little stale, maybe it is time to renew your relationship.  Rediscover each other.  Remind yourselves of what attracted you to each other in the first place.

In the end, maybe you should stay.  Or maybe you should go.  Your intuition will tell you what’s right!