We know a man who is always smiling, a man who is always radiant, a man who is always in a good mood.

For months, we saw him and his perpetual good cheer.  We admired him very much—and finally, we had the chance to speak to him at length.  That’s when we learned the secret to his Glowing Goodness.

Ian, as we shall call him, is British.  He’s 52 years old, and in the prime of life.  Or so it seems.

He recently came through a very difficult ordeal.  Ian had a powerful cancer that nearly took his life.

The whole experience completely changed his life and outlook—forevermore.

Ian, you see, came from a traditional family in the United Kingdom.  He rebelled against his father at a young age. His father, an immigrant, wanted his children to live strict lives and he tried to protect him from the world.

Ian was having none of that, and when he reached adulthood, he embraced the world and everything it had to offer him.

He lived exuberantly and sometimes recklessly.  He indulged in hedonism. His marriage fell apart, and he really didn’t care.

Over time, he matured and built a successful life and career.  Ian remarried and started a new family. (Ian’s children from his first marriage are adults now.)

Life was good.  Then, one day, everything changed for Ian and his family.

A few years ago, he learned that he had cancer—a bad cancer, a life-threatening cancer.

Ian embarked on a long—and ultimately successful—fight for his life.  It was really, really difficult, and at times, victory wasn’t a sure thing.

Ian lost much of his body weight.  He lost his teeth because of the medications he took to stay alive.

Ultimately, he made it.  Today he is cancer-free, and he is a new person.  A totally new person.

There is a radiant glow about him.  Ian is grateful to be alive. He knows—he learned—what truly matters.

Today he thinks differently about everything.  Before Cancer, he aspired to many material goals.  Material success drove him. After Cancer, he aspires to a truly rich and meaningful life.  Materialism means little to him.

Now, Ian wants to see his young children grow to be adults.  “I want to grow old,” he thinks to himself. For every day is a new day—a day filled with the joy and energy of life and his young family.

He lives for every moment.  And every moment matters to him.

For Ian has been blessed with two gifts—the Gift of Life itself and the gift of knowing that life is truly a gift!