We often hear about “a cure for cancer” as the ultimate medical advance.  It will happen—the only question is when. In the meantime, so many of us are touched by cancer.

We know a lady named Jennifer, who owns and operates her own salon.  Jennifer is 45 and she doesn’t look a day over 35. She’s colorful, high-energy, and fun to be around.  She’s strong and she can be tough.

Now, Jennifer needs every ounce of strength and every bit of toughness.  She recently learned she has cancer. She had surgery and they extracted many of the cancerous cells, but there are still more in her body.

Jennifer’s going through chemotherapy.  To say it’s not easy is a major understatement.

Jennifer’s future daughter-in-law, Taylor, is helping run her salon while Jen deals with cancer.

This whole experience is seriously stressful for Taylor and, indeed, all Jennifer’s family.  They love her and they don’t want to lose her.

Jennifer, herself, is young in spirit, young in her thinking, and young in her appearance.

No one ever thought about her and cancer in the same sentence.  She was too young and too vibrant. Cancer wasn’t supposed to happen to her.  Until it did.

True to form, Jennifer is dealing with cancer as well as can be expected.  She won’t let the cancer take her down. No, she won’t. Jennifer always comes out okay.  She’s a fighter.

And now, she’s in the fight of her life.  Jennifer takes every day as it comes. Some days are better than others.

Her prognosis is good, but there are never any guarantees until one is totally cancer-free.

Her battle, her struggle, is one shared by many millions worldwide.  Cancer affects so many lives. We know all about cancer, and we’ve lost family members to this scourge.

We also know many people who have beaten cancer, and we know Jennifer will be one of them.

Jennifer really wants to live.  She wants to grow old. She loves life.

She reminds us of how good health is a gift, a gift we sometimes only appreciate when we face health challenges.

She embraces life, every bit of life, and she makes the most of it.

Today Jennifer is winning.  The score: Jennifer – 1, Cancer – 0.

Soon, we hope, Jennifer will join the ranks of the cancer-free.  And soon, we hope, that we will see amazing news—that scientists have found the cure for cancer.

This day is coming!